Established in 1984 with manufacturer of
Phosphorous Trichloride (PCl3)
Later started other phosphorous based forward integrated products like:
Phosphorous Oxychloride (POCl3)
Phosphorous Pentoxide (P2O5)
1993 - Started with Agro Chemical
Aluminum Phosphide
Zinc Phosphide
In 2005, started manufacturer of Speciality Phosphites under Brand Name

Tri Phenyl Phosphite (TPP)
Tris Nonyl Phenyl Phosphite (TnPP)
Di phenyl Isodecyl Phosphites
Alkyl aryl Phosphites
and Poly Phosphoric Acid
2013 - Started with manufacturing of


SANDHYA GROUP is one of the leading names in the speciality chemicals field in India, ever since its inception in 1984. The company has successfully delivered high performance chemicals under the brand name of SANPHOS™ to a wide range of industry segments in Industrial Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Bulkdrugs, Agrochemical, Dyestuff, Paints, Polymer, Adhesive industries, Lubricants, Plastics, Rubber, Oil Exploration, and Many more.

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